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Upcoming Events

Penny and Rob attended the National Needle Arts Association convention in June and found wonderful new things. In fact, some have already arrived. These include new notions and carbon fiber double point sock needles.

Arriving for Sheep and Wool Festival will be four new lines of yarn and the re-introduction of Brittany walnut knitting needles. They'll also have new bracelet weaving looms, Sugar Bush yarns from Canada, and the newest line from Brown Sheep!

Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival
Thank you to all who visited our booth during this year's Sheep and Wool Festival. We are looking forward to attending again in 2018 and will post additional information as the event draws closer.

2018 Winter Retreat - NEW Location (Jan. 25 - 28)
The Winter Retreat will be in Fontana, Wisconsin (Jan. 25 - 28). If you still owe a balance for the retreat, please see Penny and get it paid, as we have already paid the Inn.
Finished Projects
Classes & Workshops. We offer one-on-one customized classes as well as individualized help on projects you have "in process". Please feel free to contact us in the shop to schedule a timeslot.
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