Old World Wisconsin Foundation

We don't have our own sheep, and don't carry raw fleeces. However, that doesn't stop us from offering fiber! In fact, we carry a large selection of processed "ready to spin" fibers in a variety of colors, including fiber produced locally in McHenry County.
Batts and Roving
Sheep Wool - We carry Moreno, Cormo, Romney, Shetland, Corriedale, in both pure and blended varieties and in natural and dyed. Offerings change as stock becomes available.

Alpaca and Llama - We have a selection of commercially prepared spinning fibers from major producers and from local growers, all in natural colors.

Rabbit/Angora - Again, our local producers supply us with spinning-ready fiber in a variety of natural colors. This fiber is ideal for spinning "as is", or can be blended with other high quality wool.

Buffalo - We stock both pure bison and bison/silk blend roving. Easy to spin, wonderful in the hand, this "American Exotic" is a joy to spin.

Nylon - Perfect for blending, we stock a variety of nylon and acrylics to add strength and glitz to your spinning. We carry several colors including metallic and "carry along" accent yarn.

Roving - We carry a large selection of ready-to-spin wool and wool blend roving. Blends include wool with silk and cashmere and come in many eye-popping colors.

Frabjous Fiber - We've ordered new colors, center-pull rovings, batts, hand dyed silk, and a small sampling of their new yarn. Fantastic colors and wonderful fiber are their hallmark - but they have just raised the bar!

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