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Some customers don't want to deal with yarn and color selection. For them, we offer many projects in kit form, many complete with project bag.
Kits and More Kits!
Kits For Knitters - We stock a large selection of project kits from Vivian Hoxbro, featuring yarns by Harrisville Designs. In addition, we have custom project kits featuring yarns from our standard lines, including Knit One, Crochet too, Blackberry Ridge, and felting kits from Harrisville Designs.

Loom Friendly Projects - We now offer small loom kits.

Needle Felting Tools & Supplies - We are now carrying needle felting kits by "Going Gnome". They are great fun for beginning as well as experienced felters.

Did You Know?
The Knitting Guild of America is an organization whose goal is to provide education and standards for both hand and machine knitters. They have developed specific structured programs designed to advance an individual's skill to the highest possible standards, and to acknowledge those who achieve them. Penny has begun a three-year course of study that will qualify her as a "Master Knitter". We are committed to continuing our education so we can become the best possible resource for you.

There is more to knit that just scarves. There are a vast number of techniques, styles and projects. The more you learn, the more you'll enjoy your craft. Challenge yourself. There isn't anything you can't learn to do!
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