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It's no fun doing a project with tools that just don't work. No matter the task, good tools are essential to getting good results. We stock what we use, and if we're not happy with a tool, we don't expect you will be, either. When we add a new tool, we're looking past the "gimmick" for true innovation. It has to work, work well, and consistently work well. We look for tools you'll use again and again, so your investment for the tool will have a pay-back in both pleasure and efficiency. Tools are an investment in your craft. Invest wisely.
Spinning Wheels
Knitting Needles & Crochet Hooks - Using the proper tool for the material you're working with is essential. Our first choice for straight and double-pointed needles is Brittany. Made in the USA from natural materials and classic design, these needles and crochet hooks are unmatched for quality, feel, and function. For circular needles, we recommend Denise interchangeable needles, and stock a full line of kits and "out of the box" parts, including the new Crochet kit and accessory parts.

For those who don't want to invest in a kit, we offer Denise in single packs, as well as Velocity, Quick Silver, and limited Addi Turbo circular needles. And for those looking for an inexpensive option of natural material, we stock a limited supply of bamboo circular needles, metal crochet hooks, and metal crochet hook sets.

Spinning Wheels & Supplies - We carry the full line of Kromski and Baynes spinning wheels, including extra bobbins, jumbo flyer kits, and accessory parts. We do not sell wheels boxed; we sell them assembled, tested, and ready to spin. We also stock Kromski spinning stools and our own custom spinning chair, which disassembles and self-stores for the spinner on the go! In addition, we carry custom made spinning tables, which come complete with their own wheeled travel bag. Who said you can't take it with you?

Drop Spindles - We stock a selection of Charis drop spindles. Charis spindles are hand turned, balanced, and available in a variety of weights and designs.

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