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Shuttles and Bobbins
Looms - We no longer carry Harrisville Design looms but do offer weaving accessories including bobbin winders, shuttles, bobbins, hooks, tool trays, warping boards, reed racks, and loom benches. During the entire month of September, we'll be clearing out our remaining stock of ball winders, hand carders, bobbins and assorted accessories.

We also have a limited number of Purrington table looms (ordered with legs). These 8 harness looms have an 18" weaving width, can fold while warped, and are completely portable. They fold even with the legs on, so you don't have to stand and weave.

Notions - Notions are those essential little tools that just make the job easier. We carry a full line of notions including: darning needles; stitch holders; knitting and crochet markers; scissors; gauges; counters; and much more. In addition, we stock hand painted, horn, and palm nut buttons; purse hardware and straps; pewter clasps and buttons; and a host of hard-to-find accessory items.

We carry needle felting tools, hairpin lace frames and other craft items. Project bags and needle storage solutions from Della-Q with matching project and mini-project bags are also in stock.

We also stock both sizes of Fiber Spheres with their new silk totes. We continually search for the newest and best products on the market. If there is something that will make your needle craft easier, chances are that we'll have it.

Denise To Go - Denise has come out with new color combinations and matching "tag along" notions bags to compliment their existing lines. These are wonderful additions to their product line and will please anyone who knits "Denise".

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