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Colorful Skeins Of Yarn
Kramer Yarns - We offer a limited inventory of these Pennsylvania produced yarns. Kramer produces several different lines, each having a different fiber content, colors, and weights. Included in their lines are wools, acrylic, super wash, and cottons - all in wonderful colors - from lace weight to textured bulks (and everything in between).

We've increased the colors we stock in Fountain Hill Mohair and added the new Perfection Line. This year, bling is still the thing! Kramer yarns are highlighted with sterling silver thread for a fantastic look without being overpowering.

Briar Rose - By far the most fantastic hand dyed yarn available, Briar Rose has several lines - all in different natural fiber and weights, in hand dyed skeins that you have to see to believe. Briar Rose is only sold in a few stores, and we had to wait 2 years to get our initial stock order. You have to see and touch it to believe it.

As with all hand dyed yarns, each skein is unique. Works of art in themselves, skeins reach their full potential when knitted, woven, or crocheted into a garment.

Zealana - New Zealand possum is a soft hollow fiber, 15% warmer than cashmere, with properties similar to those of wool. Soft, warm, and with a halo like mohair, this exotic yarn is truly amazing. Available in beautiful deep colors, this elegant yarn is a great choice for something a little different.

Presencia - Premium cotton (size 8) in fantastic colors, this material is perfect for tatting (needle or shuttle), crochet, or knitting. We carry a large selection of colors in both solids and variegated.

Tilli Tomas - The luxury of silk ribbon, spun silk, and mohair all accented with glass beads, this yarn is really something special. Colors and lines are limited - not because we don't carry them, but because we can't keep them in stock! Luxury at its finest, this yarn can even make plain knitting something special.

VJ Silk - Featured in a shawl pattern in Interweave Spring Knits Magazine, we've added this silk in wonderful saturated colors. The color selection is limited, but the fiber is nice to work with and knits up like a dream.

Hooked on Rugs - This hand dyed rug yarn in rich antique colors, is perfect for punch rugs. Available in small and large skeins, it is durable, economical, and a joy to work with.

Baby Yarn - It seems that many of our customers are becoming grandparents, so we've added an entire section of yarns and patterns for baby projects.

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