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Visit the "little shop around the corner" on Mill Street! The best way to contact us is "live and in person" at the shop. We're usually both at the shop and it's much easier to fix your knitting, adjust your spinning wheel, and help with color selection when you're present and we have it "in hand". Please call for an appointment!

A New Way To Shop

In this time of "new normal", there is a safe way to shop without going online. Call us for an appointment and we'll open the shop for you. You'll be the only customer in the shop. Appointments are available Tuesday through Saturday between 10am and 8pm.

5605 Mill Street, Richmond IL 60071

(815) 678-4063


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We can be reached by phone during shop hours. If you are in town to shop and we're closed, please give us a call. We may be available to open the shop for you.
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