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A Brief History of Crochet
As told by Rob Cetner
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For those of you who don't know it - I have now crocheted. It's not my most favorite thing to do, and I dare say I'm no master of it, but I have done it. While learning the stitches, I contemplated how this art form began, and had the following thoughts:

My guess is that it began in the Middle Ages... Once upon a time, two young Lords were in a heated fencing match. One was the English Lord of Knitting, and the other a young French Chevalier. Their foils clashed, and the sound of ringing metal blades filled the air. Seated in the gallery above them were a couple of young maidens. Their eyes followed the flashing blades until one fateful thrust was made - was this the end for the young Chevalier? NO! For under his tunic he wore a shirt of fine chain mail. His opponent's foil made contact with the light armor and bent the tip into a small hook blade. The Earl of Knitting yelled " Touché! " The Chevalier replied, " No - Crochet! " thus, the idea for the art was born.

The maidens who had witnessed the battle quickly ran back to their chambers and began to tell the tale of the event they had witnessed. They took a small hook (representing the bent foil) and began to quickly thrust and pull the hook (mimicking the swift movement of the Lords' foils during battle) through fancy threads (representing the Lord's tunic) to make a faux chain mail garment (demonstrating how the young Lord was saved by the light armor). The public marveled at the fancy garments created by the process. When asked what it was called, the maidens shouted, " Crochet! "

And, so began the art that would forever rival knitting.

The End.

Update! Rob has successfully completed several crocheted projects and is now learning front post and back post techniques. He says that he has become quite an expert at ripping out stitches...
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