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Thank you for visiting our website. The intent of this site is to provide information about our fiber art studio, Wool Warp and Wheel, our products, and upcoming fiber art related activities. Please take a few minutes to read our Copyright Statement and Privacy Policy as it relates to your visit to our site.

Fiber Art Images From Wool Warp And Wheel

Copyright Statement - All photographs, graphics, design, and content of this website are the intellectual property of Wool Warp and Wheel and may not be copied, projected, or used in any other way without express written permission.

Privacy Policy - Wool Warp and Wheel does not collect personally identifiable information via this website, with the exception of email that may be sent to our webmaster (for the purpose of resolving any technical issues with the website).

We may use your phone number to return a call in regards to a product inquiry or question about a project or to provide information about an upcoming event. We, AT NO TIME, disclose or sell personal data to third parties.

Photo Credits - The photographs used throughout the website are taken by Steve Whalen, Rob and Penny Cetner, as well as friends and shop patrons. All photos on this site are protected by copyright. They are not to be copied in any way without express written permission from Wool Warp and Wheel and from the respective photographers.

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