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Welcome to Wool, Warp and Wheel. Our Fiber Arts Studio is currently a "brick and mortar" shop. We believe that fiber arts should be passed "hand-to-hand" and that requires personal contact. Our shop has become a meeting place of our fiber community. Bear With Book On KnittingAs a resource to that community, we offer many beautiful yarns; spinning supplies and fiber; weaving supplies and materials; notions; knitting needles and crochet hooks, kits; books; patterns and MUCH more! Visit our Products pages to see all that we offer!

A lot has happened since we first opened the doors. As we have been faithful to take care of those who God has brought into the shop, he has blessed us. We have been able to expand our inventory far beyond what we envisioned, focusing on premium products and equipment. Nine years ago we didn't know how we would ever fill the space. Today, we're working harder than ever to put even more in the shop without it becoming too crowded.

In an effort to improve our shop, we've become part of The National Needle Art Association (TNNA). The association has put us in direct contact with manufacturers and importers of products, provided us educational opportunities to help us improve our business skills, and given us the opportunity to share with other shop owners our customer focused approach to the fiber arts. It has provided us the opportunity to make an impact on the industry.

Most amazing is the core group of customers who have become a part of our adventure. It is truly rewarding to see them become friends "outside" of the shop. It has also been a joy to watch them become proficient fiber artists. Many have exceeded their expectations, and are now able to create things they never thought possible.

The shop has become more than just a place to buy yarn. It's a place where kindred spirits meet. Its true colors are not in the yarn, but in the people who gather there. Its warmth comes not from the hearth, but from the hearts of those who frequent it. The atmosphere of welcome comes from the blessing of God.

Supporting Your Local Yarn Shop
Thanks to all of you who faithfully support us. We are one of a rare breed on the verge of extinction. We are a small local yarn shop.

Did you know that since 2008, almost half of the yarn shops in the country close each year? And, that new start-ups usually don't last past their third quarter in business? Sad, but true. Pressure from on-line businesses and increased operating costs are changing the face of the crafting industry. You-Tube has become a replacement for "in-person" classes. And, as people are content to settle for less than the best for the sake of convenience, shops that offer you the chance to feel the fiber before you buy, and offer help correcting what You-Tube has incorrectly taught you, continue to go out of business.

We have and will continue to make adjustments to our business, seeking to balance your needs with what economics will allow. Every time you walk through our door and make a purchase, you are casting a vote to keep this small local shop alive. Every dollar you spend with us helps to keep the lights on, allows us to expand the inventory, and ensures that help is available when you need it. Every purchase matters. Thanks for supporting your local yarn shop.

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So, bring your projects, your problems, and your desire to succeed. Pour yourself a cup of coffee. Pull a chair close to the fire, and relax. We're here to help - even if you didn't buy your supplies at the shop - it doesn't matter. Forget the day's troubles - count the day's blessings. Come on in!
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