About Us

About Us

Penny and I have many passions. Our life experiences range from ownership of a working farm in an Amish district, to historical re-enactment, and carriage driving. We have a desire to keep alive the best of the past, which includes keeping the old arts alive. We are both fiber artists, business professionals, and know first-hand the need to have a place where you can just unwind.

The shop was not a life-long ambition, but was born out of necessity. As you know, one’s stash can quickly get out of hand. Multiply that by two and the need for a shop becomes overwhelming – if nothing else than to just organize our stash! As working people with 8- to-5 jobs, we found it almost impossible to get to a shop, since they all seemed to be closed in the evenings or have limited hours on the weekends. Most of all we had the need, like all fiber artists, to have a place where we could enjoy working on our projects – a place of encouragement where we could gather with others and share our knowledge.

God knew our needs, planted the seeds, and cultivated what we now call “the shop”. He has provided help when needed, encouragement for all who enter, and has bestowed an “inner warmth”. Our job is simply to care for all who He brings in. As a result, the shop seems to have taken a life of its own. Our hours are unique – basically evening and weekends – allowing us to serve those who are in the workforce. We offer a variety of classes that cover a wide range of disciplines, from felting to spinning, knitting, crocheting, weaving, and almost everything in between. Classes are taught in the evening. There are, however, occasional “crash courses” taught on a weekend.

We strive to stock quality merchandise at affordable prices. Our basic lines are natural fibers – wool, mohair, angora, alpaca, llama, and some cotton. Since it takes just as much time to make something from an inferior yarn as it does from high quality, we figure you might as well have the best available. We are also constantly in search for what’s new in the fiber market. We are members of TNNA (The National Needle Arts Association) and attend their summer market. If it’s new, it’s at the TNNA market, and the best of what’s new will soon be on our shelves.

Most importantly, we view our shop as an extension of our living room, and we seem to always have company! You’ll usually find the coffee pot brewing, and in the winter the hearth aglow with an inviting fire and the tea kettle boiling. Feel free to pull up a chair, take out your project, and just relax. And, if you need a bit of help turning a heel or fixing a mistake, we’ll be happy to get your past the “sticking point” in your project – and remember, the help is always free.